divendres, 25 de juliol de 2014


The prompt this week at Poetry Jam is "trash or treasure?

I wrote about an old present from a very special friend. After moving several times, I lost it, but one day I suddenly found it in a gloomy corner of my basement.

In boxes, in a mess
All my memories move with me
From city to city
I carry stuff I don't even know I possess

It's been landscapes and years
But I still recall that seaside town
Where I found
The marvel that brought me to tears

There, dusty, I saw it
That old Spanish poetry book
And I looked
Back to that birthday when I got it

Among such disorder
My memory of you finds its place
And it I embrace
As from city to city I still wander

Now on my shelf
I treasure it up, I'll never lose it again
And back then,
Now and tomorrow to me it opens itself

dijous, 17 de juliol de 2014


The prompt this week at Poetry Jam is unexpected.

Has it ever occured to you that a good friend of yours grew apart you? Whatever the reason was - a misunderstanding, lack of free time, a huge problem in their private life... Unfortunately, it happens quite often. Our extremely busy lifestyle doesn't allow us to take care of all of our friendships. And time goes by, and although you still think of that person, the relationship keeps cooling down, so every day it gets more and more difficult to talk to them again. 

Thus your friend unexpectedly getting in touch with you again is to me, among unforeseen experiences in life, perhaps one of the best.

Just like they come, they go
Without notice, as a surprise
Just like they come, they go
And darkle the earlier sunrise
They come and go, it's true
But some of them leave footprints
And it sprouts out of the blue
That thing you were looking

Until suddenly one cloudy day
Startingly they slam your door
"Goodbye" they don't even say
And you wait
But they just come back no more

Now as life goes on
As time relentlessly goes by
You see you better give in
And all on your own
Though your hope don't want to die
You learn to go on living
With no chance of them coming back
Only emptiness in your little shack

You're wrapped in so many memories
Until suddenly another cloudy day
They open your door again
Singing those old cheerful melodies

The warmth of the unexpected you feel
And just like they walked away
They're back as old good friends
As the old good friends they used to be

dilluns, 14 de juliol de 2014


The prompt this week at Poetry Jam is an impossible place. Perhaps a little late, but here's my contribution to this lovely topic.

The message is simple: this expresses the longing for a world where love, magic, truth and optimism reign and displace hate, pessimism and falseness.

An impossible place
Is that without harms
That among charms
That in your arms

An impossible place
Is that in no rush
That without blush
That in a peaceful hush

An impossible place
Is that where I'm not shy
That where sparks always fly
That where hate dies

An impossible place
What does it mean to you?
To me, an impossible place
Is that where love rings true

divendres, 4 de juliol de 2014


The prompt this week at Poetry Jam is thirst. If I'm honest, I was completely out of inspiration. I've been thinking for about two days, turning it over in my mind night and day: "thirst... what can I write about? what does this word tell me?". And I finally came up with this: I was thirsty for inspiration.

And that's what my poem is about: lack of inspiration, creativity or maybe just lack of ability to express anarchic, messed-up thoughts. I beg words to come back and rescue me, bring me my inspiration back... But in the end it's not the words that save me, it's not the words that inspire me. It's something else.

I retain today
Thirsty thoughts
That need words
To be allayed

"Quench my thirst!"
To them I would cry
On that lonely night
When droughts cursed

Inspiration was dry:
"Rush out, be my relief
And make me relive"

But, wordless, it died
Until you emersed
And slaked my thirst

dimecres, 25 de juny de 2014

Alone in bad company.

With regard to the topic raised at Poetry Jam this week, I would like to share one of my favourite quotes:

"If you're lonely when you're alone, you're in bad company."
- Jean-Paul Sartre. 


This week's prompt at Poetry Jam is aloneThere's a saying in Spanish: "más vale solo que mal acompañado", which means it's better to be alone than in bad company. I wrote about how, although at first it may seem more attractive to avoid being alone and one does so at any price, loneliness is in the end much more comforting than bad companies or false friends.

I'm walking on tiptoes across warm sand
I'm dancing slow to the sound of my cry
But you come to take my hand
And loneliness waves goodbye

A bright new day seems to dawn
Stars have fallen off the sky
But no one knows where they've gone
And loneliness waves goodbye

But deep down I know she's still there
She's such a treacherous mistress
She will quietly from above stare
My sweet descent into hell she will witness

And when I least expect her to appear
She will guide me again through the night
And though her coldness makes me fear
I know she's kinder than any blinding light

diumenge, 22 de juny de 2014


The prompt this week at Poetry Jam is bridges. The topic of this poem is the lack of the strength to go on living as a consequence of having little or nothing to live for. But in the end one decides this attitude must radically change. In order to do that, one has to cross the bridge, which is something really difficult. What lays on the other side of the bridge represents the unattainable, the unreachable: the strength to go on.

I see you standing on the other side
Just the shadow of what I should be
Teasing me, laughing at me - no light
Just the shadow of what I could be

I see you standing in the wrong place
The place I can't seem to reach
But in the distance I can see your face
Still through our long open breach

You see me standing
But never waiting
For you to come and rescue me
Instead I cross the bridge